Small/Mid Cap Core Fund

The Flexibility to Seek Small/Mid Cap Companies Broadly

Thornburg Small/Mid Cap Core Fund is a bottom-up, fundamentals driven, and focused portfolio that invests primarily in US small/mid cap stocks across the style spectrum. The Fund seeks companies with consistent earnings to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns versus the benchmark Russell 2500 Index.

“We search for companies with attractive business models and promising growth prospects. Our disciplined approach to valuation should result in a diversified portfolio which generates attractive risk-adjusted returns through a market cycle.”

— Steven Klopukh

Bottom-Up, Fundamentals Driven

We believe that the Small/Mid Cap universe provides us a wide opportunity set that will allow for high conviction stock selection to drive returns. In order to facilitate this mission, we conduct fundamental analysis on all the companies we own while maintaining a disciplined approach to portfolio construction and risk management.

Important Information