There are certain situations in which Class A Shares can be purchased with no sales charge if you notify Thornburg Securities Corporation (TSC), the Funds’ Transfer Agent (DST) or your financial intermediary at the time you purchase shares that you belong to one of the categories below. If you do not provide such notification at the time of purchase, your purchase will not qualify for the waiver of sales charge.

  • A Shareholder Who Redeemed Class A Shares of a Thornburg Fund. For 90 days after such a redemption you will pay no sales charge on amounts that you reinvest in Class A shares of the same Fund and through the same account, up to the amount you previously redeemed.
  • An Officer, Trustee, Director, or Employee of Thornburg (or any investment company managed by Thornburg), TSC, any affiliated Thornburg Company, the Funds’ Custodian bank or Transfer Agent and members of their families including trusts established for the benefit of the foregoing.
  • Employees of Brokerage Firms who are members in good standing with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”); employees of financial planning firms who place orders for the Fund through a member in good standing with FINRA; the families of both types of employees. Orders must be placed through a FINRA member firm who has signed an agreement with TSC to sell Fund shares.
  • Customers of bank trust departments, companies with trust powers, investment broker dealers and investment advisors who charge fees for services, including investment broker dealers who utilize wrap fee or similar arrangements. Accounts established through these persons are subject to conditions, fees and restrictions imposed by these persons.
  • Investors Purchasing $1 Million or More. However, a contingent deferred sales charge of 0.50% (1% for Strategic Income Fund, Value Fund, International Value Fund, Growth Fund, International Growth Fund, Income Builder Fund, Global Opportunities Fund, and Developing World Fund) applies to shares redeemed within one year of purchase.
  • Those Persons Who Are Determined by the Trustees of the Fund to have acquired their shares under special circumstances not involving any sales expenses to the Funds or TSC.
  • Purchases Placed Through a Broker that Maintains One or More Omnibus Accounts with the Fund.
  • Purchases through Certain Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts.

For additional information about the waiver requirements, or if you have any questions, please call 800-847-0200 to speak with a shareholder representative or see the current prospectus.

Important Information
Before investing, carefully consider the Fund’s investment goals, risks, charges, and expenses. For a prospectus or summary prospectus containing this and other information, contact your financial advisor or visit Read them carefully before investing.

Thornburg mutual funds are distributed by Thornburg Securities Corporation.

Thornburg Investment Management, Inc. mutual funds are sold through investment professionals including investment advisors, brokerage firms, bank trust departments, trust companies and certain other financial intermediaries. Thornburg Securities Corporation (TSC) does not act as broker of record for investors.