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Fed Update with Jeff Klingelhofer

Earlier today the Fed held a press conference and spoke about the current economic condition and offered their forecast. Co-head of Investments and Portfolio Manager Jeff Klingelhofer gives his take on what the Fed's guidance and Q1 GDP number mean for investors.

Emerging Markets Update With Portfolio Manager Charlie Wilson

Covid-19 has prompted revisions to outlooks across asset classes and sectors. However, periods of volatility have historically presented great opportunities for Thornburg’s actively managed equity portfolios, including our Developing World strategy. In this video, Charlie Wilson, the strategy’s co-portfolio manager, provides an update on two key opportunities in emerging markets.

Fed Walks the Line on Rates, Steps into Repo Market

Portfolio Manager Lon Erickson provides his take on the latest 25-basis-point rate cut by the Fed. Lower rates for longer means risks continue to build in the financial system, as the Fed places a band-aid on the short-term funding market.

September 2019

      A Distinctive Approach to Emerging Markets

      Thornburg Developing World strategy is an active investment portfolio that utilizes a flexible, bottom-up research process to uncover the best investment opportunities in the emerging markets. In this video, Portfolio Managers Ben Kirby and Charlie Wilson discuss their approach to emerging market investing.

      Actively Managed. Structured for Excellence

      Far from the groupthink of Wall Street, Thornburg offers a broader view of the financial landscape. We have a disciplined approach to portfolio construction, a flexible perspective that crosses boundaries, and an adherence to access and transparency. We believe this helps investors reach their long-term goals.

      June 1, 2016

          Vision Mission and Values

          Garrett Thornburg describes how our Vision, Mission and Values support our goals of excellence through continual improvement and adding value for our clients.

          January 1, 2016

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