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Thornburg Launches Closed-End Fund
In July 2021, Thornburg successfully completed the initial public offering of Thornburg Income Builder Opportunities Trust (NASDAQ: TBLD). This marks the firm's first foray into closed-end funds, which comes after a sea change in how closed-end funds are structured to better benefit shareholders.
Building Brand Relevance: Team Rebranding Toolkit
This webinar is designed for newly-formed financial advisory teams who need to build their branding from scratch or shift positioning in the marketplace. You’re sure to get useful tips from our speaker, Mike Fox, a long-time ad agency branding specialist. He will discuss how to build a brand reputation (everything from the name of a team to positioning against competitors) and how to build brand visibility (from digital ads to even office décor).
How Fixed Income's Role in a Portfolio is Changing
As fixed income markets evolve, so does the likelihood of interesting opportunities within a portfolio. Thornburg President and CEO Jason Brady discusses how Thornburg’s nimble and wholistic approach to fixed income can benefit investors during the current market environment.

September 14, 2021

    Global Rates: Is There Room to Run?
    Thornburg President and CEO Jason Brady discusses the interesting development of rates falling across the globe despite an improving growth and the different opportunities that could present on a country-by-country basis.

    September 3, 2021

      Improving the Odds in EM Investing: Cap Connect Virtual Event Replay
      Investment success in emerging markets requires preparation and a willingness to accept risk. Julia Sze, impact investor and member of Thornburg’s Board of Directors, moderates a conversation with portfolio managers Charlie Wilson and Josh Rubin as they tackle the themes and processes they use to improve the odds for outperformance in emerging markets.
      What's Next Navigating Volatile Fixed Income Markets
      The threat of inflation looms, rates are climbing, yields could be negative, and there is no longer safety in sovereign bonds. Central banks have committed to stay “on hold” as the global economy re-opens amid unprecedented government spending—leading us all to ask: what’s next for fixed income? Thornburg President & CEO, Jason Brady, discusses what all this means for bonds and why he is excited about the future of fixed income markets.
      What's Next: EM is More than "Exposure" - Active Investing Enhances Opportunities
      Emerging markets have been off to a fast start and are poised for continued growth this year. However, investing in EM often requires a balanced approach to fully capture the opportunity. Please join Thornburg’s EM equity team breaks down the sector’s recent performance, ESG factors in identifying risks and how to effectively use EM strategies within your portfolio.
      Fed Update with Jeff Klingelhofer
      Earlier today the Fed held a press conference and spoke about the current economic condition and offered their forecast. Co-head of Investments and Portfolio Manager Jeff Klingelhofer gives his take on what the Fed's guidance and Q1 GDP number mean for investors.
      Fed Walks the Line on Rates, Steps into Repo Market
      Portfolio Manager Lon Erickson provides his take on the latest 25-basis-point rate cut by the Fed. Lower rates for longer means risks continue to build in the financial system, as the Fed places a band-aid on the short-term funding market.

      September 2019

          A Distinctive Approach to Emerging Markets
          Thornburg Developing World strategy is an active investment portfolio that utilizes a flexible, bottom-up research process to uncover the best investment opportunities in the emerging markets. In this video, Portfolio Managers Ben Kirby and Charlie Wilson discuss their approach to emerging market investing.
          Actively Managed. Structured for Excellence
          Far from the groupthink of Wall Street, Thornburg offers a broader view of the financial landscape. We have a disciplined approach to portfolio construction, a flexible perspective that crosses boundaries, and an adherence to access and transparency. We believe this helps investors reach their long-term goals.

          June 1, 2016

              Vision Mission and Values
              Garrett Thornburg describes how our Vision, Mission and Values support our goals of excellence through continual improvement and adding value for our clients.

              January 1, 2016

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