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Once investors realize that they are responsible for their own financial security, the first gift they should give themselves is a financial advisor. In this podcast, we share ways advisors can speak to clients who have decided it’s time to put themselves first and are saying, “#NowMe”.

#NowMe Episode 11: The Keys to Successful Family Wealth Planning
Jan Blakeley Holman recently appeared on Advisor Perspectives' podcast and we're grateful to them for allowing us to share the episode. Jan talks about family wealth planning, the common barriers to those discussions, and what advisors can do to help their clients overcome them. Jan also tells Bob Huebscher about what prompted her to create her podcast, #NowMe.
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Get away from the noise of the investment herd, and hear our experts bring a new perspective to widely talked about topics.

What's Next: Navigating Volatile Fixed Income Markets
The threat of inflation looms, rates are climbing, yields could be negative, and there is no longer safety in sovereign bonds. Central banks have committed to stay “on hold” as the global economy re-opens amid unprecedented government spending—leading us all to ask: what’s next for fixed income? Thornburg President & CEO, Jason Brady, discusses what all this means for bonds and why he is excited about the future of fixed income markets.

June 15, 2021

    Examining China’s COVID-19 Recovery and Ailing US Relations
    Some segments of China's economy have recovered to pre-coronavirus levels, while others lag and a few have seen accelerated growth. Portfolio Manager Lei Wang surveys China's re-opening, its fraying bilateral relations with the U.S. and the Eurozone's tentative first step toward fiscal cohesion.

    June 9, 2020

      India's Digital Transformation
      India has leap-frogged into the digital era with an astounding set of thoughtful initiatives that have major implications for its telecoms, financial services and retail sectors, among others.

      June 2, 2020

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