Separately Managed Accounts Commentary

Commentary: U.S. Equity Strategy

We believe that a portfolio consisting of Basic Vaue, Consistent Earners and Emerging Franchise investments can provide the opportunity to outperform in most market environments.

3rd Quarter 2019

      Commentary: International ADR Strategy

      International Equities (MSCI ACWI ex-USA Index) posted their first quarterly loss of the year, as global macro uncertainties remain and economic indicators show expectations of a further slowdown in the global economy. Given greater uncertainty and market bumpiness in the middle part of the year, the portfolio is positioned more conservatively than in the first few months of the year.

      3rd Quarter 2019

          Commentary: International Growth ADR Strategy

          Through our repeatable bottom-up process that relies on deep fundamental research, we are finding opportunities to deploy capital into businesses with franchise characteristics and durable growth drivers.

          3rd Quarter 2019

              Commentary: Municipal Bond Strategies

              Monetary policy has been the elixir to solve all problems. But it has also created a host of others. As yields continue to fall, investors have had to move down in credit quality and longer in duration to reach income goals.

              3rd Quarter 2019

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