Separately Managed Accounts Commentary

Commentary: International Growth ADR Strategy

We believe our portfolio is well positioned given its exposure to high-quality businesses with durable growth prospects and is well balanced through our three-basket structure, which also supports our ability to nimbly reposition in response to an everchanging world.

3rd Quarter 2020

      Commentary: All Cap Growth Strategy

      We believe our exposure to idiosyncratic, secular growth themes are well positioned to benefit
      from our new normal environment of working and entertaining from home or at a distance.
      Market dislocation can be a driver of disruption and innovation as well as providing great
      opportunities to invest in or add to excellent businesses at attractive valuations.

      3rd Quarter 2020

          Commentary: Income and U.S. Government Bond Strategies

          As we march forward into the second half of 2020, we’ll remain focused on our guiding tenet: only take risk when you are getting paid to do so. In action, this means staying nimble, focusing on horizon risks, appropriately managing liquidity and most importantly remaining humble.

          2nd Quarter 2020

              Commentary: Municipal Bond Strategies

              In these turbulent times it is our duty to invest prudently, commensurate with our clients’ risk tolerances. We believe the patience we’ve long exhibited will pay-off again, and we appreciate that successful investing is not a sprint so much as a marathon.

              2nd Quarter 2020

                  Commentary: U.S. Equity Strategy

                  A tide of exuberance has washed over the equity market and lifted all boats. We’re confident those in the U.S. Equity’s portfolio are most seaworthy.

                  2nd Quarter 2020

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