Mutual Funds Commentary

Commentary: Value Fund

While we are operating in uncharted economic territory, we remain excited about the fundamentals of the businesses we own.

1st Quarter 2020

      Commentary: Core Growth Fund

      We believe our portfolio represents a collection of high-quality businesses that can survive the current global disruption and emerge on the other side well positioned to compete and grow.

      1st Quarter 2020

          Commentary: Better World International Fund

          The 1st quarter of 2020 saw the largest quarterly loss in the history of the MSCI ACWI ex USA Index and also some of the highest return correlations between stocks, leading to significant valuation disparities.

          1st Quarter 2020

              Commentary: International Value Fund

              In the first quarter, the fund raised cash in January and then gradually upgraded the portfolio over the remainder of the quarter by buying higher-quality international companies trading at attractive valuations due to the COVID-19 crisis.

              1st Quarter 2020

                  Commentary: International Growth Fund

                  Many of the stocks we own are well positioned for where we believe the world is headed, as events of this past quarter accelerated the adoption of some companies' products and services.

                  1st Quarter 2020

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