Mutual Funds Commentary

Commentary: Long/Short Equity Fund

We are confident that a different environment for U.S. stocks at some point in the future will better highlight the diversification advantages of the Thornburg Long/Short Equity Fund.

4th Quarter 2019

      Commentary: Global Opportunities Fund

      We are primarily focused on the key operational issues of the businesses we hold in the portfolio, and we are generally optimistic about the potential for these businesses to grow revenue, earnings and cash flow.

      4th Quarter 2019

          Commentary: Core Growth Fund

          We choose to focus on high-quality businesses that are oftentimes exposed to secular themes that can transcend erratic markets over the long run.

          4th Quarter 2019

              Commentary: Value Fund

              We consider each company’s fundamental business drivers in our risk management framework. We believe this leads to a more balanced portfolio than the simple data may suggest.

              4th Quarter 2019

                  Commentary: International Value Fund

                  In the fourth quarter the fund put cash to work, mostly in Basic Value companies, reflecting an improved market and economic outlook and a number of attractive opportunities.

                  4th Quarter 2019

                      Commentary: Developing World Fund

                      We believe our balanced approach will allow us to navigate this recovery period while allowing stock selection to drive the performance of our concentrated portfolio.

                      4th Quarter 2019

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