Global Perspectives

  • It’s Always the Right Time for EM
    Emerging market equities can provide both return and diversification benefits, but only with a consistent and meaningful portfolio allocation.
  • China’s Domestic Stock and Bond Markets a Vast New Frontier for Foreign Investors
    Under-owned relative to the size of its economy and among foreign global money managers, the Middle Kingdom’s capital markets represent incredible opportunities, and new challenges. Tread carefully.
  • Post-Pandemic Emerging Markets Set to Snap Back Strongly in 2021
    Emerging market equities should catch a lift in the year ahead as tactical and structural tailwinds align to drive accelerating economic and earnings growth. But a stylistically balanced approach is crucial to handle inevitable market turbulence.

Effective investing in emerging markets requires in-depth knowledge driven by constant curiosity. Emerging Views is Thornburg’s online portal to share our timely discoveries, perspectives and insights into this complex, dynamic and always evolving space. Check back often for the latest thought-provoking contributions.

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