Global Perspectives

  • China’s Domestic Stock and Bond Markets a Vast New Frontier for Foreign Investors
    Under-owned relative to the size of its economy and among foreign global money managers, the Middle Kingdom’s capital markets represent incredible opportunities, and new challenges. Tread carefully.
  • Post-Pandemic Emerging Markets Set to Snap Back Strongly in 2021
    Emerging market equities should catch a lift in the year ahead as tactical and structural tailwinds align to drive accelerating economic and earnings growth. But a stylistically balanced approach is crucial to handle inevitable market turbulence.
  • Keeping Portfolio Balance in Election-Driven Market Volatility
    Electoral surprises spur stock and bond market turbulence, but sensibly diversified and balanced portfolios don't depend on political outcome.
Parsing Long/Short Equity Liquid Alts Performance, Fees and Net Exposures
Investors interested in long/short equity mutual funds would be well advised to consider more than their much-more competitive fees vs. private hedge fund peers. To genuinely hedge the long components of a portfolio, look for lower net long exposures in a long/short equity allocation, and added value on the short side even in rising equity markets.
Guess What Delivered in Spades in Thornburg’s Internal 2017 Global 3 Stock/Security Competition?
At the beginning of every year, a number of investment professionals at Thornburg voluntarily place their informal, internal-only bets on which three securities—from stocks to currencies or other financial assets—might together produce the best beta-adjusted returns in the year ahead. In 2017, the winner was Sean Sun, whose three picks included bitcoin. The cryptocurrency skyrocketed last year, of course, helping Sean win the prizeless competition by a wide margin.
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