Building Your Business

  • Advising Clients During Life Transitions

    Life transitions can often derail clients’ plans and frequently result in clients choosing a new advisor. Be sure you know how to respond.

  • A Tale of Two Definitions

    Financial advisors and their clients often speak different languages when it comes to defining risk.

  • An Advisor's Value: Bridging the Behavior Gap

    A growing body of research shows that financial advisors help investors make better decisions, which increases their investment returns.

Knowledge is the blueprint for success, whether it’s retirement planning, income generation, or staying current on topics that impact your clients’ lives. Building Your Business offers timely and practical concepts and observations to connect useful perspectives from the financial marketplace to your practice and those you serve.

The Value of Dividends in Retirement

Over the past eighty-seven years, dividends have accounted for over 40% of the total return for the S&P 500 Index. The importance of dividends has been an often overlooked part of investing, but will continue to come to the forefront as...

February 2019

      Building a Cash Flow Reserve Ladder

      How do retirees avoid selling their hard-earned retirement assets at the wrong time? The all-important “buy low and sell high” discipline is out of reach when forced to sell in a bear market. A cash flow reserve ladder can provide the...

      February 2019

          Managing Legacy Wealth: Business Plan Worksheet

          In order to “close the gaps” that are preventing you from operating a true Legacy Wealth Management practice, you need a plan. The plan will be based on the goals you identified in your “Vision Worksheet” and will include tactics that are based on the gaps you identified in your “Gap Analysis.” It is important to prioritize the goals you want to achieve and the gaps you want to close. If you take on too much at once, it will seem overwhelming and may cause you to abandon the process.

          Managing Legacy Wealth: Ethical Will/Family Legacy Letter Worksheet

          An “Ethical Will” (or “Family Legacy Letter”) is the product of an ancient tradition in which individuals share their life story, personal values, beliefs, blessings, and advice with future generations. According to Dr. Barry K. Baines, the author of Ethical Wills, “legal wills bequeath valuables, ethical wills bequeath values.”

          Managing Legacy Wealth: Sales Guide

          This program consists of four presentations with multiple worksheets, checklists, and brochures. It is designed to help advisors transform their businesses into legacy wealth practices and create organic growth by capturing more assets with existing clients, cultivating relationships with family members (thereby increasing retention upon wealth transfer), and generating new business.

          Strategic Philanthropy Managing Legacy Wealth

          This case study tells the story of one high net worth family foundation, its journey from an organization that began with a traditional funding approach to one that embraced strategic philanthropy and the resulting rewards.


              Longevity and the Dividend

              Although dividends have accounted for approximately 40% of the total return of the S&P 500 Index over the past 87 years, for some reason, their importance has been overlooked. But, as more investors think about longevity and look for high and growing investments that generate high and growing income, dividends will certainly gain favor.


                  Endowment Spending Policy

                  A spending plan can help retirees balance the desire to maintain a consistent lifestyle with the need to preserve assets for a retirement that could last 30 to 40 years. How should the spending amount change over time? A plan that...

                  April 2018

                      Retiring Retirement – Longevity Planning: The Rationale

                      Retiring the traditional retirement conversation and refocusing on the longevity journey doesn’t simplify life. It challenges us to broaden our perspective and increases the importance of the decisions we make relative to our health, our wealth, and how each of us uses our life’s wisdom to prepare for an abundant second half.

                      November 2014

                          Retiring Retirement – Health

                          Today, increases in longevity and the decisions associated with longer life are demanding that you help your clients prepare for the future. This may mean developing a plan that integrates health care, financial management and life goals into a strategy that supports and enhances their second half of life.

                          November 2014

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