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  • Plugging into the future with electric vehicles
    The popularity of electric vehicles is a turning point for the auto industry. Thornburg has identified sustainable catalysts driving this trend as we seek investment opportunities in the EV supply chain.
  • Back to the Future as Consumer Internet Businesses Embrace the Offline World
    Digital companies are moving into the analog world to satisfy rising consumer expectations. The biggest risk to a dominant marketplace is not a new competitor, but changes in consumer preferences—and companies must keep up.
  • For Effective ESG Investing, Mind the Negative and Positive Externalities
    Effective ESG investing, particularly in emerging markets, requires clarity and judgment in how sustainability is understood and measured. Analysis of a firm’s negative and positive externalities are crucial for enhanced earnings visibility within a comprehensive financial valuation process.
Endowment Spending Policy
A spending plan can help retirees balance the desire to maintain a consistent lifestyle with the need to preserve assets for a retirement that could last 30 to 40 years. How should the spending amount change over time? A plan that...

April 2018

      Building a Cash Flow Reserve Ladder
      How do retirees avoid selling their hard-earned retirement assets at the wrong time? The all-important "buy low and sell high" discipline is out of reach when forced to sell in a bear market. A cash flow reserve ladder can provide the...

      February 2019

          The Value of Dividends in Retirement
          Over the past eighty-seven years, dividends have accounted for over 40% of the total return for the S&P 500 Index. The importance of dividends has been an often overlooked part of investing, but will continue to come to the forefront as...

          February 2019

              The Laddered Bond Portfolio
              Many financial advisors recommend bonds and bond funds as a part of their clients' investment portfolios, both for their perceived safety and yield. However, not all bonds and bond funds are the same, and investors are often lured...

              April 10, 2019

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