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  • Post-Pandemic Emerging Markets Set to Snap Back Strongly in 2021
    Emerging market equities should catch a lift in the year ahead as tactical and structural tailwinds align to drive accelerating economic and earnings growth. But a stylistically balanced approach is crucial to handle inevitable market turbulence.
  • Has MMT Infected Central Bankers?

    At what point are deficit spending and debt monetization tantamount to Modern Monetary Theory, which effectively posits that ‘deficits don’t matter’ for reserve currency issuers? Will the push to leverage major central banks for purposes well beyond exchange rate and price stability finally revive long-dormant inflation once COVID-19’s deflationary impact abates?

  • Dow 30,000: Power to the People

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average has waned in usefulness as a benchmark for investors. Yet, for many investors, the Dow is the market. That’s why, despite its fading utility, the history of the DJIA is fascinating.

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