For non-U.S. domiciled investors, Thornburg Investment Management provides a series of separately managed account strategies and UCITS Funds, that employ the same fundamental research philosophy guiding Thornburg’s portfolios for over 30 years.

Equity Funds

  • Thornburg Global Opportunities Fund 
    A flexible and focused equity portfolio that leverages Thornburg’s renowned capacity as a global manager, with holdings selected on a bottom-up basis via a disciplined, value-based framework.
  • Thornburg International Equity Fund 
    A focused, diversified portfolio of leading, mostly large-cap international companies, selected via a fundamentally driven, bottom-up, valuation-sensitive process. The fund is centered on providing attractive risk-adjusted returns with mitigated volatility versus its benchmarks.
  • Thornburg Developing World Fund 
    Concentrates on managing the special risks associated with the emerging-markets asset class and on providing strong risk-adjusted returns—by focusing on self-funding companies that generate strong free cash flow and are not dependent on capital markets in times of stress.

Bond Funds

  • Thornburg Limited Term Income Fund 
    A flexible, actively managed, core portfolio of high-quality U.S. dollar-denominated bonds. This centerpiece investment-grade portfolio seeks a reasonable level of income and lower volatility than some peers, without overextending in the pursuit of yield.
  • Thornburg Strategic Income Fund 
    A global, income-oriented fund with a flexible mandate focused on paying an attractive, sustainable yield. The portfolio invests in a combination of income-producing securities with an emphasis on higher-yielding fixed income. The Fund may also invest in dividend-paying stocks.

Multi-Asset Funds

  • Thornburg Investment Income Builder Fund 
    A globally oriented portfolio whose aim is to provide an attractive and growing income stream, with capital appreciation, over time. A dynamic blend of global dividend-paying stocks and bonds of virtually any type, Income Builder is broadly flexible in pursuit of its objectives.
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