Electronic Statement and Tax Form Delivery

To receive Thornburg shareholder statements and tax forms electronically, you must first have online account access established. Once you have accessed your portfolio online, click on the “Provide E-delivery Consent” button and complete the form.

After selecting this option, you will no longer receive paper statements via mail.

If you would like to change your Electronic Statement Delivery options, repeat the steps above.

Using Online Account Access

Shareholders can review details of their account HERE.

To activate online account access, a first time user must establish a User ID and Password.

To initiate a User ID and Password, go to the Account Portfolio page by selecting “Shareholder Sign In” menu item from the “Products & Performance” item in the navigation bar. Then
select the “Click Here” link next to the text “Don’t have a User ID?” to the right of the User ID box.

Online Account Access Security

Thornburg’s online account access provides full 256 bit encryption using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) from the user’s Web browser to the transaction web site across the Internet. If a user’s
browser does not support SSL, then they may not be able to use the account access feature. A secure browser is required for account inquiry and financial transactions.

If you have additional questions, please call 800-847-0200 to speak with a shareholder representative.

Important Information