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  • Economist Nancy Lazar Says Current Inflation is Transitory and Not Ingrained
    Inflation in the U.S. is transitory and not ingrained according to economist Nancy Lazar of Cornerstone Macro.
  • Thornburg Equity PM Perspectives: Four Questions about Identifying Strong Companies
    We asked four of our equity portfolio managers how they identify strong companies. Check out their answers.
  • For Effective ESG Investing, Mind the Negative and Positive Externalities
    Effective ESG investing, particularly in emerging markets, requires clarity and judgment in how sustainability is understood and measured. Analysis of a firm’s negative and positive externalities are crucial for enhanced earnings visibility within a comprehensive financial valuation process.

Thornburg Investment Management offers a variety of mutual funds that can serve as critical components of a diversified portfolio. We seek to add value with active portfolio management to help investors reach their long-term goals. Now more than 30 years into our mission, Thornburg’s investment lineup represents a wide range of fixed income and equity solutions. Each of our offerings originated organically from responsible, sustainable growth, applying the same fundamental research and team approach we have practiced over time.

Thornburg offers a different point of view—a broader outlook on the financial landscape. Our disciplined portfolio construction, flexible perspective, and collaborative structure are the reasons why it’s more than what we do. It’s how we do it.

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