Mutual Funds

  • Fed Fuels Record High-Yield Bond Market Issuance and Investor Inflows

    Amid a massive return since the March low, the default rate has nearly tripled from year-ago levels as recovery rates deteriorate. “Kicking the can down the road” as vulnerability grows.

  • As Inflows Grow and Skepticism Lingers, ESG Investing Comes of Age

    Companies increasingly adopt ESG principles as investment managers integrate sustainability metrics into their investment process. But it’s still “something of a wild west.”

  • Monetary Policy Setting Stage for Stock Market Growth-to-Value Rotation?

    Federal Reserve and other major central bank stimulus should benefit high-quality value stocks and foster inflation’s “green shoots” as the global economy emerges from recession.

Thornburg Investment Management offers a variety of mutual funds that can serve as critical components of a diversified portfolio. We seek to add value with active portfolio management to help investors reach their long-term goals. Now more than 30 years into our mission, Thornburg’s investment lineup represents a wide range of fixed income and equity solutions. Each of our offerings originated organically from responsible, sustainable growth, applying the same fundamental research and team approach we have practiced over time.

Thornburg offers a different point of view—a broader outlook on the financial landscape. Our disciplined portfolio construction, flexible perspective, and collaborative structure are the reasons why it’s more than what we do. It’s how we do it.

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