Mutual Funds

  • Has MMT Infected Central Bankers?

    At what point are deficit spending and debt monetization tantamount to Modern Monetary Theory, which effectively posits that ‘deficits don’t matter’ for reserve currency issuers? Will the push to leverage major central banks for purposes well beyond exchange rate and price stability finally revive long-dormant inflation once COVID-19’s deflationary impact abates?

  • Dow 30,000: Power to the People

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average has waned in usefulness as a benchmark for investors. Yet, for many investors, the Dow is the market. That’s why, despite its fading utility, the history of the DJIA is fascinating.

  • Outlook 2021: Reflation, Rotation and Reopening to Re-shape Equity, Bond Markets

    Despite winter virus waves, an incipient pro-cyclical rotation is underway across asset classes and regions. Investors would be well-advised to remain sensibly diversified and balanced.

Thornburg Investment Management offers a variety of mutual funds that can serve as critical components of a diversified portfolio. We seek to add value with active portfolio management to help investors reach their long-term goals. Now more than 30 years into our mission, Thornburg’s investment lineup represents a wide range of fixed income and equity solutions. Each of our offerings originated organically from responsible, sustainable growth, applying the same fundamental research and team approach we have practiced over time.

Thornburg offers a different point of view—a broader outlook on the financial landscape. Our disciplined portfolio construction, flexible perspective, and collaborative structure are the reasons why it’s more than what we do. It’s how we do it.

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