About Us

Building Real Wealth for More Than 30 Years

Founded in 1982 by Garrett Thornburg, Thornburg Investment® (Thornburg) is an independent global investment management firm that provides a range of active investment strategies to serve a broad spectrum of client needs.

Headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Thornburg is geographically removed from the world’s major financial centers. Being far from the status quo investment arena inspires us to think outside of popular opinion and base our decisions on unconventional wisdom and a larger frame of reference.

Many investment managers may do what we do. Setting us apart from them, however, is how we do it: how we think, how we invest, and how we’re structured.

How We ThinkOur Flexible Perspective We bring a more flexible perspective than that of other investment firms. We view a wider range
of opportunities and look beyond conventional boundaries to find hidden value.Constant Collaboration

We collectively hone ideas via borderless cross-pollination across our investment team for better judgement and competitive results.



How We InvestBy Conviction, Not Convention

We invest differently. We take a disciplined approach to portfolio construction, guided more by convictions than convention.

Rather than using benchmarks as our starting point, we apply active
management to seek the best value for our clients. Thorough analysis and our relative-value framework lead to conviction in our securities selection, which may result in a focused


How We're Structured Our Team Approach

Thornburg’s collaborative, relative-value research structure is such that we consider all members of the investment team to be resources for all of the firm’s strategies. All analysts may make
contributions to multiple strategies.

Portfolio managers also serve as research analysts. This allows them to integrate with, rather than be separated from, the discovery of investment

Far From the Herd

Our headquarters are located in the hills of Santa Fe, New Mexico. This allows for distraction-free idea generation away from the more conventional
wisdom of large or urban-centered investment houses.

Access and Transparency

Putting our clients first is also a key principle. Proud of our investment strategies and thoughtful of our practices, we consider transparency and
openness imperative to building our investors’ trust and confidence in us.

Always Independent

From the beginning, we have thrived through private ownership and we are firmly committed to this structure. Our independence removes the distractions of
a corporate parent and lets us focus on what we’re supposed to do: generate attractive investment returns over time.

We seek to add value with active portfolio management to help investors reach their long-term goals. Now
more than 30 years into our mission, Thornburg’s Investment lineup represents a wide range of fixed income, equity and liquid alternative solutions.

Our History

Company founded
Limited Term Municipal strategy
Limited Term U.S. Government strategy & California Limited Term Municipal strategy
Intermediate Municipal strategy & New Mexico Intermediate Municipal strategy
Limited Term Income strategy
Value strategy
New York Intermediate Municipal strategy
International Value strategy & Institutional Group
Core Growth strategy
Investment Income Builder strategy
Global Opportunities strategy
Strategic Income strategy & International Growth strategy
Developing World strategy & Strategic Municipal Income strategy
Ireland-Domiciled UCITS strategies
Low Duration Income strategy & Low Duration Municipal strategy
Better World International strategy
Long/Short Equity strategy
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