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Active Bond Laddering: A Thornburg Tradition

Whether interest rates rise or fall, our laddering approach helps diversify along a shifting yield curve and maximize returns.


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    How to structure, allocate and monitor the results of a tangible investment strategy for clients nearing or entering the distribution phase of retirement.
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    April 28, 2016 [Charles Wilson, PhD, Emerging Views]
    The term "risk assets" has become widely used to describe anything that goes up when the U.S. dollar goes down. Perceptions around the pace of U.S. monetary tightening substantially influence...
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    February 15, 2016 [Our Firm, Connor Browne, CFA, William Fries, CFA, Jason Brady, CFA]
    "Everyone is looking all over the world for good ideas. When you combine that with a collaborative, collegial environment, it makes for a very powerful combination."
  • Market Pitfalls Spell Opportunities for Active Muni Strategies
    February 2016 [Sweta Singh, Bond Articles]
    Assistant Portfolio Manager Sweta Singh explores the opportunities the Thornburg Municipal bond team is finding through active laddering and a focus on quality.
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