Redeeming Shares

You can withdraw money from your fund account at any time by redeeming some or all of your shares (selling them back to the fund either directly or through your Financial Advisor). Your shares will be redeemed at the next share price (NAV) calculated after your order is received. The amount of CDSC, if any, will be deducted and the remaining proceeds sent to you. Please note that if you purchase shares by check and then redeem those shares, the payment may be delayed for up to 15 business days from the date the purchase check was received.

Shares may be redeemed using one of the following methods:

Through your Financial Advisor

Online: Click here

By Mail:
Click here for the required forms.

By Telephone:

Telephone redemptions are not permitted on qualified accounts such as IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, Coverdells, and 403Bs.

Important Information