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Knowledge is the blueprint for success, whether it’s retirement planning, income generation or staying current on topics that impact your clients’ lives. Advisor Focus offers timely and practical concepts and observations to connect useful perspective from the financial marketplace to your practice and those you serve.
  • The Ethical Will: Managing Legacy Wealth
    2017 [Legacy Wealth, Jan Blakeley Holman]
    As an advisor who works with multiple generations of your clients’ families, you are in the position to help your clients start a tradition that guarantees future generations of their family will know about them, the life decisions they made, and the values that guided their lives. That tradition is called an ethical will.
  • The Family Meeting: Managing Legacy Wealth
    2017 [Legacy Wealth, Jan Blakeley Holman]
    A meeting that encourages families to work together to create a vision of how they will collectively govern and manage their wealth to benefit current and future generations.
  • 4 Steps to Funding an Education: Prepare, Plan, Prioritize and Persevere
    November 2016 [Education Savings, Jan Blakeley Holman]

    One obstacle stands between our goal of educating our children and our ability to achieve it: money.

  • All in the Family Managing Legacy Wealth
    2016 [Legacy Wealth, Jan Blakeley Holman]
    The changing face of the financial services industry keeps advisors engaged with the challenge of navigating clients through volatile markets, and the ability to anticipate and adapt to change. Today's best business building opportunity-Managing Legacy Wealth.
  • Strategic Philanthropy
    2016 [Legacy Wealth, Allan M. Oliver, MPA, Executive Director of Thornburg Foundation]
    This case study tells the story of one high net worth family foundation, its journey from an organization that began with a traditional funding approach to one that embraced strategic philanthropy and the resulting rewards.
  • Reimagining Lives: Advising Women in Transition
    September 2013 [Financial Professionals, Jan Blakeley Holman]
    For advisors, working with women in transition is a good news/bad news proposition. The good news is that when women are in transition, money is in transition. The bad news is that transition is a time of uncertainty and vulnerability as she moves from the “the known” to the “unknown.” In this article Holman discusses how to be an effective advisor to women in transition.

  • Dividend-Paying Stocks: The Investor’s Swiss Army Knife
    June 2016 [Dividends, Income, Jan Blakeley Holman]
    You can add current income, capital appreciation and tax advantages to your portfolio with this one type of investment.
  • Understanding the Generations Managing Legacy Wealth
    2016 [Legacy Wealth, Jan Blakeley Holman]
    There is great value in understanding your clients and it is helpful to be aware of the characteristics shared by individuals in the same generation. Described in this perspective are four generations: Greatest Generation, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennial.

  • When it Comes to Investment Advice, Humans Beat Computers
    June 2016 [Robo Advisers, Technology, Jan Blakeley Holman]
    Robo advisers offer some advantages, but the most comprehensive financial guidance still requires human touch.
  • What Investors Can Learn from the 2016 Presidential Election
    May 2016 [Global Economy, 2016 Election, Jan Blakeley Holman]
    Beyond the candidates, we're seeing a spotlight on globalization and demographics—two forces sure to steer the economy for years to come.
  • Three Overlooked Rewards of Living Longer Lives
    April 2016 [Longevity Planning, Jan Blakeley Holman]
    Making your retirement savings last multiple decades may be financially daunting, but living to a ripe, old age can be well worth it for individuals, families and the economy.
  • Retiring Retirement®: Longevity Planning: The Rationale
    2015 [Retirement, Longevity, Jan Blakeley Holman]
    Retiring the traditional retirement conversation and refocusing on the longevity journey doesn’t simplify life. It challenges us to broaden our perspective and increases the importance of the decisions we make relative to our health, our wealth, and how each of us uses our life’s wisdom to prepare for an abundant second half.
  • Retiring Retirement®: Health
    2015 [Health Care, Retirement, Jan Blakeley Holman]
    Today, increases in longevity and the decisions associated with longer life are demanding that you help your clients prepare for the future. This may mean developing a plan that integrates health care, financial management and life goals into a strategy that supports and enhances their second half of life.
  • Retiring Retirement®: Longevity Planning Outcomes
    2015 [Investing, Retirement, Jan Blakeley Holman]
    Investors who focus solely on a stock’s current yield may miss the potential growth of the original investment and the actual dollar amount of the income generated that accompanies dividend investments.
  • Retiring Retirement®: Wisdom
    2015 [Longevity, Jan Blakeley Holman]
    The sum of our values, knowledge, life experiences and the lessons we’ve learned from our successes and failures, wisdom is a significant by-product of living a long life and one of the greatest gifts of longevity.
  • Retiring Retirement®: The Era of Longevity
    Retiring the traditional retirement conversation and refocusing on the longevity journey doesn’t simplify life. Instead it forces us to make choices that are more deliberate and conscious. It challenges us to broaden our perspective and increases the importance of the decisions we make relative to our health, our wealth, and how each of us uses our life’s wisdom to prepare for an abundant second half.
  • The Value of Dividends in Retirement
    June 2016 [Firm Insights]
    Over the past eighty-seven years, dividends have accounted for over 40% of the total return for the S&P 500 Index. The importance of dividends has been an often overlooked part of investing, but will continue to come to the forefront as baby boomers prepare for retirement and look for high and growing income-generating investments.
  • Building a Cash Flow Reserve Ladder
    December 2017 [Firm Insights]
    One of the challenges that confronts retirees and their advisors is how to prevent having to sell their hard earned retirement assets at the wrong time. We have all heard the age old investment adage “Buy Low and Sell High,” which tells us to buy assets when they are out of favor but to time the disposition of the assets when the markets are in your favor.
  • Endowment Spending Policy
    June 2016 [Firm Insights]
    Retirees and their advisors should thoughtfully establish a spending plan to balance the desire to maintain a consistent lifestyle with preserving assets for a retirement that could last 30 to 40 years. To achieve this balance, a spending policy should be developed to determine what percentage of the retirement savings will be spent initially and how this amount will change over time to reflect the effects of inflation and the performance of the underlying investment portfolio.
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