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Overcoming Selection Bias in Assessing Long/Short Equity Strategies

The criteria for picking a long/short equity fund matter for investors.


Latest News & Insights

  • 2017 Mutual Fund Tax Information
    2017 tax information for our mutual funds is now available.
  • Beijing's Reforms Reveal Blue Skies
    March 2018 [Charles Wilson, PhD]
    China’s supply-side reforms are having a real impact on its economy and environment, and creating attractive, if not immediately apparent, investment opportunities for flexible valuation-sensitive investors.
  • Who’s Afraid of Higher Wages Driving Inflation?
    March 5, 2018 [Market Insights, Danan Kirby]
    Not necessarily the Fed, whose own research suggests wage growth is not a reliable indicator of future inflation. But markets, it appears, aren’t sure what to think.
  • Emerging Market ETFs Traded Reliably During Selloff. But What about their NAV Disconnects?
    February 28, 2018 [Emerging Views, Charles Roth]
    EM ETFs suffered deviations in their market prices relative to their net asset values, with their total returns materially underperforming the broad emerging market index.
  • Navigating the Economic and Market Crosscurrents to Come
    January 2018 [Jason Brady, CFA]
    Why are U.S. financial conditions easing as the Fed tightens monetary policy? Is the Phillips Curve finally showing signs of life? Are ETFs liquid? What are today’s challenges to portfolio construction and asset allocation? Thornburg CEO Jason Brady answers these questions, and more.
  • U.S. Stocks Fall into Correction Territory, But Investors Should Keep Their Chins Up
    February 9, 2017 [Market Insights, Charles Roth]
    Investors worried about wage and inflation data should appreciate the underlying strength of the economy, not to mention strong corporate earnings. The market volatility is creating better entry points for longer-term investors.