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Limited Term Income Fund’s laddered structure and the team’s open communication style.


Latest News & Insights

  • The Efficiency Factor in Stock vs. Index Picking
    August 28, 2018 [Market Insights, Charles Roth
    If the efficient markets hypothesis is questionable at the stock level, it’s more so at the index level. As the number of indices skyrockets, the number of companies declines, and passive flows grow, active price discovery becomes more and more valuable.
  • Generating Attractive Returns Through Stock Selection in a Long/Short Fund
    August 3, 2018 [Long/Short Equity Fund, Connor Browne, CFA, Bimal Shah]
    In-depth Q&A about long/short equity investing with Portfolio Manager Connor Browne and Associate Portfolio Manager Bimal Shah. Rather than focusing on a particular market sector, Connor explains that “We’re much better at picking individual stocks within sectors and allowing our stock picking to drive portfolio results.”
  • Secular Trends in an International Portfolio
    July 2018 [International Growth Fund, Greg Dunn, Sean Sun, CFA]
    An interview with Thornburg International Growth Fund Portfolio Managers Greg Dunn and Sean Sun reveals the team’s rigorous, bottom-up fundamental analysis as the key to identifying high-quality growth companies.
  • Report from Turkey: Cheap Asset Prices May Not Be Cheap Enough
    July 25, 2018 [Emerging Views, Charles Wilson, PhD]
    Turkish asset prices have plummeted this year, bringing their valuations to historically low levels. That presents potentially attractive opportunities to investors looking for quality stocks at bargain-basement prices. Yet some...