The Unique, Patented QDIA Blue Book Methodology

The QDIA Blue Book fund evaluation service equips you with the support and the tools you need to help plan fiduciaries identify the most suitable off-the-shelf or custom target date default investment solution for any plan. Unlike other methodologies that compare only off-the-shelf target date fund (TDF) solutions, the QDIA Blue Book is uniquely positioned to enable you and your clients to include custom TDF solutions in your analysis, addressing an important due diligence step suggested in the DOL’s TDF Tip Sheet.

The unique, patented methodology deployed in the QDIA Blue Book takes investment analysis to the next level by taking into account a plan’s particular policies, priorities, and participant demographics. By walking your clients through a simple suitability questionnaire, the QDIA Blue Book will apply maximum difference scaling (MaxDiff) to use the information from the suitability questionnaire to determine the relative importance of 13 different criteria that will be used to evaluate the suitability of selected QDIA options.

You will be empowered to:

  • Quantify which performance, risk, and organization criteria are most important to each plan’s fiduciaries
  • Identify the most suitable target-date or risk-based solution for each plan, based on the plan fiduciaries’ priorities and participant demographics
  • Help plan sponsors manage their fiduciary responsibility related to selecting and monitoring a plan’s QDIA, including providing written documentation demonstrating compliance

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Important Information

Thornburg Investment Management is providing this useful information to assist your plan with its fiduciary responsibilities. In no way does Thornburg assure that, by using it, your plan is in compliance with any regulations.

The QDIA Blue Book™ is compliments of Thornburg Investment Management, Inc. ("Thornburg"). The methods used to produce the reports are the patented intellectual property of Bdellium, Inc., accessed under the terms of a license granted to Thornburg by Bdellium.