Commitment to Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

The past several weeks have been an astonishing tipping point for this country’s conversation about racial justice. Along with many of you, I am angry, disturbed, and at times overwhelmed as we more fully understand the pain and fear experienced by many in the black community across the country and within our communities. There is an urgent need for action, and I am encouraged to see so many people peacefully protesting around the world to demand meaningful reform.

Here at Thornburg, I am heartened by the response from our employees. So many are sharing experiences, ideas, tactics, and tools to learn and chart a different path forward. Perhaps unsurprising—and yet remarkable nonetheless—is the courage and support you’ve offered one another. Hearing heinous and very personal experiences from our colleagues told with a brutally frank and resigned tone has forever left an imprint on me. We are determined to do better, speak up and do more.

At Thornburg, we embrace a diverse, equal, and inclusive workplace in which our employees are empowered to share their full identities, ideas, and perspectives. A culture built on diversity, equality, and inclusivity is essential to achieve our clients’ investment goals and vital to our firm’s success. It is important and continuous work to ensure we realize our vision.

A cornerstone of Thornburg values is support for our community. We are immediately making donations to support national groups that advocate and advance justice in this country. In addition, we will match employee donations to Black Lives Matter, the Equal Justice Initiative, and the NAACP. I encourage all of our team to join the firm and make a contribution, learn about these organizations and share information with your family and friends.

We are at the beginning of the journey, not the end. Remaining silent is no longer an option. Equal treatment and respect in our company, communities and country are what all human beings desire and deserve.

Jason Brady
President and CEO

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